Since 1941 CICSA has worked in the field of high quality chain systems for industrial applications (conveyors and lifting plants, bulk materials handling and treatment) and for the marine sector.
CICSA chains are produced on modern and high technology manufacturing equipment to ensure a high standard of quality, certified according to ISO 9000 (now ISO 9000:2000) since 1990, which guarantees continuous inspection of every product after each processing stage.
CICSA products are used by the most important actors in industrial sectors such as cement plants, steelworks,chemical, mining and power plants, waste recycling, both on domestic and international markets, in more than 50 countries all over the world.
CICSA proposes itself as the sole chain manufacturer producing the complete range of steel chains including round link chains, roller chains and forged link steel chains, along with the corresponding fittings, such as wheels, sprockets, shafts, couplings, shackles and various types of brackets.

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